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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  August 11, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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"dw news >> this is," from berlin. -- this is "dw news" from berlin. will the deal get approved by lawmakers? what is the cost for the great people? coming, chaos at a prime vacation site. police use fire extinguishers and batons against migrants arriving on a greek island. the u.n. agency says that it is
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shameful. a bomb in nigeria's national nigeria kills 40 and wounds dozens. no claim of responsibility so far but it is deep and boko her rom country. hello, i'm sarah kelly. thank you for joining us. after much negotiation and drama over the last few months, greece has agreed on the outline for a bailout deal with creditors. alexis tsipras has already called an emergency session to approve those measures. agreement seems to have an read -- reached on the budget target. several big issues still remain. among them the greek banking sector and how it will deal with nonperforming loans. negotiations are ongoing as to
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how a privatization fund would work, but it seems that greece and its international lenders may have finally reached an agreement that both sides can live with. >> finally, a breakthrough according to officials from the greek finance ministry they say a bailout has been secured with some details left pending. the prime minister was briefed with reporters. >> there are one or two small issues, but it is almost there. it looks like the greek -- >> it looks like the greek armament will vote on the issue again on tuesday. negotiation's focused on greek finances and the privatization of enterprises. elsewhere in europe representatives are still cautious about a final agreement. >> this work was done hand-in-hand with the imf and ecb on the ground. the institutions and greek authorities achieved an
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agreement in principle on a technical basis and talks are still ongoing on finalizing details. >> some details have to be worked out, but investors seem optimistic. following massive losses last week, shares surged over 2% on tuesday. posting robust gains after taking a beating last week. >> the future of the market will now depend on the details of the deal and on political stability. we don't know yet if we will have elections are not. we don't know anything about bank recapitalization. greece can expect up to 86 ilya and euros. the country needs that money urgently to repay its debt. >> it's like being between a rock and a hard place. he's chosen the path that everyone was wishing for and was against at the same time. everyone was hoping to stay in the eurozone without more austerity measures.
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there is no turning back and our kids will meet a lot of patience. crease and its creditors fought long and hard, testing patience and trust on both sides. it could pave the way to rebuilding trust once again. sarah: for more on all of this let's bring in our correspondent from athens. this is the veil out that provoked a referendum and nearly got grease kicked out of the euro. how is it in received? >> not well. there is not a single politician or the prime minister himself who is completely sold on the deal. many are rather seeing this as a painful alternative to bankruptcy. this surrender to demands by creditors has the party up in arms. they say that they will not vote to this scale because it is a
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far cry from the anti-austerity policies and platform on which the party was elected earlier this year. so, while the agreement may make some headway in relations and trust with international creditors, it will be a difficult sell for the prime minister and it may fact lead to the collapse of the government. it is the reason lawmakers did not vote for it in the majority later this week on thursday. sarah: ok, so, we don't know however which side had to compromise more on this, either the government or european creditors. details are sketchy. what, exactly, is in this bailout deal? >> we should start hearing tomorrow when this deal will be
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tabled in parliament and lawmakers will get a first glance of it. they will start pouring over the details of it. it is understood however that the compromises greek scientists had to make, selloffs to companies, all measures that lawmakers -- many lawmakers -- will be objecting to. it will be a heated and crucial debate about staying in parliament. sarah: thank you. and now greece is facing a crisis of different kinds with migrants. the small island has been overwhelmed by the influx of refugees. most of them come from afghanistan or syria. the situation is growing increasingly tense.
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>> these refugees have finally arrived in europe. the struggle continues. chaotic scenes as they wait for immigration papers. they are completely overstretched. they tried to disperse the crowds. with hundreds of new arrivals every day, authorities are struggling to provide even basic food and shelter. >> help me. i want to go. i want to go. it is a big, big problem. >> many have been forced to park authorities attempted to relocate the migrants to a local soccer stadium. in their desperation, some started to fight. >> the situation here, there is no annual goal.
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we are asleep in the streets. there is no bathroom. just us waiting. the weight will kill us. >> the u.n. says 124,000 people have reached greek islands so far this year. almost eight times more than during the same time last year. emergency services have rescued 28 refugees arriving from sub-saharan africa and trans with them to the spanish mainland. all are believed to be in good health. sarah: germany is also facing a surge of migrants in the country . it is a favorite destination for many making their way to europe. the interior minister visited bavaria to view the situation for himself and this is what he had to say.
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>> it is a challenge, but we are not daunted. the federal government, states, and venus a palette able to cope. we need to implement the approved solutions but we may require new measures that we will discuss with federal states. we will stick to our principles. those who need protection will be allowed to stay. those not requiring protection should leave fast. sarah: a bomb blast in northeastern nigeria has killed 40 and injured dozens more. the explosion struck a market and the village 50 comal -- 50 kilometers away from the town early in the afternoon. the attack has come under suspected -- as come under suspicion of boko hurrah in the latest weeks. what is the nigerian government doing about all of this? have they revitalized their
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fight against the boko hurrah? -- boko hurrah -- boko her ram -- boko hurram? >> they lost a lot of the territories that they had and we observed that they changed their strategy to some kind of guerrilla warfare. we have seen an increasing number of terroristic attacks and they have been using more young women and girls to carry out the attacks as human bombs. this is definitely a new development for others have said that this does not necessarily show that the group has become stronger. sarah: we want to return to a story from earlier, the mike green crisis in greece. a correspondent is with us now, joining us for a bit of analysis.
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excuse me, viewers. i've just been told by my director that we don't have him. but we are going to go to a story about self belief and perseverance right now. qualities i'm becoming accustomed to in the moment. in rwanda one man managed to beat the system. he started out as a taxi driver and now he owns a dairy and three restaurants, carving out a niche for himself was not an easy task. >> he invested hundreds of thousands of euros in this italian restaurant. his biggest project yet. to top it all off his customers have a magnificent view. >> we got a letter for suspicion, frankly. you order a lot because you are not sure if you are going to make it.
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is it going to work or not? >> the authorities shut down the restaurant shortly after it opened because of the noise. to remedy the situation he had to dig deep into his pockets again. >> when we started there was just the one window. that was a problem. and it's double. of these now we make sure that the people here. >>'s other venture is a dairy factory. he started the business eight years ago and like the restaurant and ran into problems with the authorities. they said it did not meet hygiene regulations. there were rumors that the company was seen as a threat to the state run dairy companies. still, the business has become a
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success across rwanda. >> we got someone with a reputation. it took us eight years. another for one year. >> the businessman wants to expand and modernize his election. he currently employs one dozen people the plans to does -- plans to double the number. this is the only way that he can keep up with strict processing standards. more than 1000 liters of milk each day. future projects include a country club. he says that he will not be deterred.
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>> of course it hurts, but on the other hand i get a lot of support from the government. >> entrepreneurs are helping to create jobs for rwandans and transforming the once war-torn country into a booming economy. sarah: let's get you caught up on some of the other headlines at hour. parts belonging to russian missiles have been found at the crash site of a malaysian airliner in ukraine. the fight came down in territory held by pro-russian separatists last july. teams say that more tests e needed to show whether the jet was hit by a missile. 23 foreign nationals suspected of traveling to syria have been detained in southern turkey. more than 11 million liters of
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toxic waste have turned the colorado river a deep mustard yellow. the source of the spill is a deep abandoned gold mine. hundreds of thousands of times the safe level of arsenic has contaminated the water. the river supplies water to seven dates. we have to take a short one minute break. back then. ♪
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yowelcome back to the program. police made several arrests following revelations on the country's largest sex abuse scandal. the pedophile ring is believed to have filmed 270 children being sexually abused. police and politicians are said to have had links to the game. >> it is behind these closed
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gates that the gang is said to have committed crimes. now, after years of silence, some of the victims are speaking out. they drugged and abuse me and made a video -- one victim says. "they demanded that i give them money and jewelry." >> many locals say that they have been blackmailed into silence. they accuse the prominent family of involvement in the abuse rang . local police apparently failed to take a village or seriously. one mother who reported her son had been abused saw him put behind bars. >> they did not even register myra or. they just arrested my son. i played with them. >> the veil of silence began to
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lift. police were forced to admit it. >> a number of incidences have taken place in which they are accused in different roles. they were accused six accuse the role of extorting them and punishing them area >> the scandal has shocked pakistanis raising serious questions about the police force in the country, standard -- which to accuse the willfully ignoring the problem. a switch of pace right now, monica joins us with --a switch of pace right now --sarah: a
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switch of pace right now with business news. >> at google will soon be held by a new holding company called out for that. making the whole organization cleaner and more accountable, according to the founders. it has grown into a broad-based high-tech giant. >> one of the projects is an autonomous car that does not appear to have much to do with their core business but it will soon makes -- sure make use of services. projects like these will soon be independent subsidiaries. the name google will no longer apply to the parent company. it will be called out for that. the biggest unit will be google, running the trademark search engine, matt, and browser services. other areas will be involved in networking household objects, laying household cable. one big advantage is that in the future google will report off
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its from web services separately, increasing transparency. >> it is a management play as well. talented people have been with them the beginning by having many different companies they are less prone to poaching from other giants currently shopping for new ceo's. >> this 43-year-old is expected to lead the new unit. the founders will be in charge of alphabets and hope to pursue their own vision of future technology. one of the countries most high profile project, the google wes headset, has flopped so far. sarah: the chinese economy continues to show signs of weakness and the government has devalued the tightly controlled 1% to 2%, causing the biggest drop in the currency since 2005.
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value against the dollar in 2010, rising to record heights before china's national bank allowed it to slide lower in early 2014 over worries that the economy was overheating. the reason that one showed signs of bouncing back against the currency and was once again putting pressure on the asian giants. no one one has fallen to a three year low against the financial market. the move has raised the prospect of a new round of currency wars. >> factories are still producing goods but don't know where to put them. inventory is high because the currency value has risen sharp they making exports more expensive and causing a slump in trade. it has been due valued to stay competitive. the global trade remains the same, with a share budget
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balancing currency and trade surplus to maintain our share of trade. china needs to face the pressure of devaluing the one. set by the people's bank of china. not a free currency, but instead tied to the rising u.s. dollar. the valuation is the biggest drop since 2005. there is doubt that it will have the proper affect. >> 10% evaluation might mean something. 2%, if you analyze it and follow it by the cost structure and such, it has many more. >> china's large trading partners will not be half the about. washington has long accused china of thing it undervalued.
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to boost exports. sarah: two big stories for the markets to digest today. over to new york, let's start with the devaluation of the one. what is the impact on the united states? >> the move came unexpected, and it is never good news for the markets. on the one hand side you have that, on the other hand you have -- for example, they generate 60% of the revenue in china and for sure there are also all of those growth aspects involved. this radical step is seen as a sign that the chinese economy is definitely not as strong as many would like to see. we had white some shockwaves
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after that news sarah: a company called out for that, formerly known as google, also caused some kind of shockwave, yes? >> well, at least that was one of the bright spots, the stock of google being one of the big winners on walls. they have got to become more transparent that if that is going to happen, it remains, and some of the growth engines in the future might be spun off and if other companies in similar positions think that amazon are facebook might become a copycat, first of all we have to wait and see if there is this huge restructuring of that will work in which it was one of the very
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few bright spots. thank you very much for this. -- >> thank you very much for this. sarah: in south africa right now legal hunting is driving rhinos to extinction. more than 1000 were killed last year with horns smuggled to east africa where they are used in traditional medicine. on the ground they have faced the constant struggle to save these east. >> this tottering giant is being sedated and is about to be the horned. some rhino breeders say that that is the best way to protect the animals from -- ruthless poachers. >> if you are trimming the move -- and there is no nerve supply part of the harm they can be
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removing. >> once it is removed it gets weighed and then registered. he for going into your. but in terms of keeping them safe, breeders say that she that she should be allowed to sell his stock. >> protection from -- for my rhinos has gone up from $300,000 and we need money to protect against these commercial farmers rhinos. if we don't get the money to protect those, slowly but surely they will go in -- they will go extinct.
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>> it is a complicated issue and the argument sort of economic 101. increase supply, you will do supply. in the black market the economics appeared to be much more complex. >> with rhino coming out of control, the pressure to use unorthodox methods is growing. sarah: last november a european space probe made history by landing on a comet. scientists found that the comet is full of holes and packed with dust and ice and they found complex organic compounds that could be the building blocks of life. and these were also first thought to earth comments. see you next time.
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>> welcome back. you're watching "france 24." i'm laura. our top stories this hour -- some respite for greece as the government secures an $85 euro bailout. and more economic reforms. the deal must be approved by both the greek parliament and other countries in the euro zone. a breakthrough in efforts to find those responsible for shooting down a passenger jet over ukraine last year. investigators find what they believe to be part of a russian-made missile. and libya's rival factions sit down to talk in geneva as the u.n. urges them to agree to share power by the end of the nt


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